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As part of the service implementation, PAM can provide an Occupational Health Needs Review, where we seek to understand what we need to do in order to establish an efficient and fit for purpose Occupational Health & Wellbeing solution for your organisation, as well as to ensure full compliance with legislation and maximise the potential to reduce your sickness absence.


The review includes:


  • Carrying out site visits, interviewing relevant stakeholders and evaluating current practices;

  • Familiarising ourselves with your internal polices, culture, operational complexities & working environments;

  • Understanding the risks/hazards within the organisation and any associated legislative/statutory requirements;

  • Reviewing sickness absence levels and identifying the main causes of absence. 


Following a Needs Review, a detailed report outlining our recommendations is provided, which represents the blue print for the service moving forward.


In addition, we fully acknowledge that we have a responsibility to ensure that our clients are kept informed of related developments that may affect their organisation and their employees. We embrace this responsibility by ensuring that that our clients are advised accordingly in relation to legislation, best practice and current standards.


PAM therefore provides strategic proactive support including:


  • Providing legal updates and advice on health and absence related policy;

  • Collating and analysing management information to drive continual improvement decisions;

  • Reviewing and developing the service to further improve health, wellbeing & attendance;

  • Helping to continuously improve the management of employee risks (including workplace hazards and infection control).

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