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occupational health online system ohio


PAM has invested significantly in the development of our online IT platform OHIO, which has been developed internally by our highly qualified team of developers.

The system allows HR and managers to make referrals, book appointments, obtain reports,

refer employees and gain access to management information – all via the internet.


The system is a fully integrated technology, used for managing all of our services. This means that clients only ever need to use one system .i.e. referrals to Occupational Health, Day One Absence, Physiotherapy and Counselling are all made online using the same login details. 

This also means that your employee data can be stored on one central system, enabling a joined-up and efficient approach to managing the health of your workforce.

IT & Data Protection

Bespoke Configuration


OHIO is simple to implement. The portal is hosted on Rackspace internet servers in the UK and accessed

online, therefore there is no requirement to install software on client computers.


A secure user hierarchy is established for each client to ensure that referring managers and HR can only

access information relating to their assigned employees. Managers have secure password-protected

access to the system.


We create electronic employee files, which provide a continuous health record – containing full history,

health surveillance profiles, case notes and medical records as well as non-confidential management

information and tracking that can be accessed by each employee’s assigned referring manager.

OHIO can accommodate multi-structured organisations and currently transacts approximately 500,000 employee records. PAM can also digitize your existing occupational health records, removing the need to store vast amounts of paper which improves security and helps the environment.

IT Security Management 

PAM has obtained ISO 27001 Security Management Information accreditation. The occupational health systems are hosted in the UK within a secured data environment managed by Rackspace.

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​What our clients say...

"The system is easy to use once trained and it’s good to have everything in one central point for both the organisation and the OH service provider"​

​A. Clough - HR Manager

What our Auditors say...

The service has very high standards of record management. The service is commended

for its in-house OHIO IT system

Royal College of Physicians Auditors ​(SEQOHS)​

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