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PAM Wellbeing provides quality and affordable occupational physiotherapy and ergonomic solutions to both the public and private sectors. We have particular experience working with public sector, commercial, logistics and retail environments and we care for organisations who employ over 500,000 colleagues in the UK. We manage more than 750 hand-picked private physiotherapy practices and over 3,000 individual qualified physiotherapists.

Evidence shows that immediate access to treatment and engaging in exercise and activities will speed up the recovery time from an injury. Therefore, at PAM Wellbeing we work with clients to ensure safe and speedy recoveries, providing a telephone triage service that screens the employee against evidence-based criteria to help us establish the most effective treatments and interventions. 

PAM Wellbeing therapists utilise the following treatment approaches:


  • Diagnosis of your condition, including causes and effects

  • Hands-on treatment (mobilisation and manipulation)

  • A rehabilitation plan, providing advice and education in self-managing your condition

  • Self-help and home exercise plans (improving fitness, coordination and strength)

Musculoskeletal Services

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