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How to submit a Subject Access Request 


The UK Data Protection Regulations are specific about the treatment of personal and special data, you have the right to receive a copy of your records by making a Subject Access Request in writing. 


To request a copy of your data please submit your request to: The Data Controller, PAM Group, Holly House, 73-75 Sankey Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1SL or via email to 


It would be useful if you could submit the PAM Consent Form as this provides us with full information that we require to process your request without delay.  

Within what timeframe will I receive a response? 


You will receive an automated receipt when you submit a request via the inbox.  All requests are processed in line with GDPR Guidelines and you will receive a response within one calendar month. 


What data do you hold on me?


PAM Group is the Occupational Health service provider to your employer.  For this purpose we hold personal and sensitive data about you to ensure your health and wellbeing can be appropriately managed.


The data we may hold about you may include; name, contact details, date of birth, employment details, previous occupational health reports transferred to us from any previous occupational health service provider, medically confidential records including reports, forms and clinical notes and medical reports obtained from your previous healthcare provider in the past.

How will I receive my Data? 


PAM have launched a new electronic file transfer facility via which all data will be transferred in response to Subject Access Requests.  We will therefore require your email address when submitting your request.


Confidentiality and data protection are paramount to PAM and the new process will ensure a  streamlined approach in providing you with your data efficiently and securely.



How do I login to obtain my data?


Please visit; and input the username (your email address) and password confirmed to you via email. 


For further information please download our User Guide.


Data Management 


For further information on how we manage data please visit our Privacy Policy available to download on the PAM Group website home page.

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