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PAM has extensive experience of working with clients to improve attendance and reduce absence.

​Our approach extends beyond simply providing a reactive management referral service; we aim to forge strong working relationships with our clients, working in partnership to deliver tailored absence management solutions. 

Understand Your Needs

Our management system OHIO generates an extensive range of health data that we can analyse to understand the causes of absence and identify hotspot locations requiring attention. This enables us to determine what proactive initiatives are needed to tackle the root causes of absence in your organisation.


Change the Culture

We know that performance and productivity will always be your primary focus. However, in some areas, the link between absence and productivity can often be forgotten. By engaging with your managers and staff, we help to promote occupational health as a proactive service aimed at improving wellbeing and reducing absence - we are not here just to tick a box!

Clear Pragmatic Management Advice

In our view the OH professionals role is to provide independent, evidence based opinion and advice, enabling management to make a well informed decision on how to manage an individual and facilitate an early and safe return to work wherever possible.

Fast Effective Interventions

We adopt an early intervention approach that ensures, in every instance, that appropriate treatment or therapy is introduced as early as possible to accelerate the recovery process and reduce periods of absence. This principle is applied in a number of ways, for example, we provide fast track to rehabilitation, with our own ​Physiotherapy Information Line (PhIL) and our own Day One Absence​​ service.


Proactive Wellness Strategies

Our philosophy for maintaining a healthy workforce and reducing absence includes the provision of a well-planned wellness strategy, focused on helping people make better lifestyle choices, avoid health problems and reduce the risk of them becoming absent. PAM offers a flexible solution that can be tailored to meet the needs and budget of any organisation. ​


Absence Strategies

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