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Corporate Solution

The most common causes for absence from work are back pain, stress and repetitive stress injury (RSI):

  • Stress is the second most common reason for absence from work

  • Each case, on average leads to 30 days off work​

  • Back pain & upper limb repetitive stress injury (RSI) are the most common causes for long-term absence

  • Both contribute to a loss in productivity and associated higher staffing costs


Rehabilitation that works
Independent research has shown that early intervention is vital in returning an injured party back to work as soon as possible. PAM Wellbeing helps clients and employers who need support for their staff who may be suffering from a physical injury, or who may be dealing with stress, anxiety or mild depression. PAM Wellbeing has developed structured treatment and rehabilitation programmes that are designed to offer immediate assistance and provide ongoing support.
Our clinics and services 
PAM Wellbeing, as well as offering on site and remote telephone services, also operates a number of Wellbeing clinics throughout the UK. Services offered include physiotherapy, counselling services and weight management services. PAM Wellbeing has full time physiotherapists and counsellors working solely for us as well as access to a UK wide network of over 700 BACP-accredited counsellors and over 1000 CSP-accredited physiotherapists. We ensure that our therapists provide a service to you that is safe, confidential and professional.

Aided by technology
PAM Wellbeing uses internet-based technology and bespoke medical software to offer you a fast, secure and convenient way to support your colleagues. Referring colleagues is straight-forward process, governed by efficient and proven work flows. We are able to provide services at our own clinics, at a client's location, or can use a range of remote technology-based solutions using internet and telephone access.

PAM Wellbeing helps clients to reduce the cost of absence, maintain productivity and quality of service to their clients, minimise disruption and reduce the chances of colleagues regressing.


Our promise to you:

  • A quality driven, fast-track rehabilitation service​​

  • F​ast response times to appointments

  • Effective treatment and expedient rehabilitation

  • Cost-effective service


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