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By empowering your employees to build their resilience through self-improvement and achievement, your business will benefit with a more productive workforce.


Total Wellness

Leading edge tools and resources to engage, motivate, and support employees to achieve their individual wellness goals with direct access to wellbeing professionals.

Improve the health and wellbeing of your employees

PAM Life is a personal health and wellbeing solution for employees of health-conscious companies looking to improve the wellness of their workforce. PAM offers an innovative new platform providing individual employees with direct access to the tools and expert coaching needed to make positive changes in their lives.


Continuous support and engagement

With PAM Life there is no need to worry about how to encourage your workforce to use our innovative wellness solution for the benefit of your whole business. We will provide continuous support to you by promoting PAM Life to your workforce using multimedia channels to ensure a maximum return on your investment. 


Integration with a secure occupational health IT system, mobile health kiosks, and wearable fitness devices enabling joined-up trend analysis from one central point, providing data for targeted health and wellbeing initiatives.



Digital tools are transforming the world of employee benefits, so it’s essential that organisations stay ahead of the curve to reap the rewards of the new innovations in digital health technology. 

Find out more about how PAM Life can boost your organisation.

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