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PAM Life helps inspire employees by providing a behavioural change programme that allows users to set tasks that lead to their fulfillment of personal goals.


The number of workers who say their employers have a responsibility to support their health and wellbeing.



Specialist health and wellbeing coaches will be available to provide online support to your employees. They provide individual support, mentoring, motivation and encouragement for each employee to achieve their desired goals.

Wellbeing is about people, and PAM Life recognise that it is the people support that will make the greatest impact in supporting your employees to achieve their goals. Our coaches will create programmes, monitor support and work with your employees to be engaged and confident.

Our wellbeing coaches include specialists in the areas of nutrition, fitness, physio, psychotherapy and motivation.



The mobile Health Genie kiosks are uniquely integrated into the PAM Life solution. Kiosks are optional for clients to deploy in their locations. 

Employees can complete a health assessment using the Health Genie in under five minutes. Key health data is recorded including height, weight, blood pressure, BMI and heart rate. PAM Life user profiles are instantly updated with the health metrics displaying within the user’s personal dashboard.

Health Genie provides low-cost preliminary screening and wellbeing advice for large employers who are committed to health and wellbeing but also have to operate within financial constraints.


The ability of users to monitor their progress using digital devices enables our wellness coaches to examine the information when requested to do so to help inform them of the best approaches for creating personalised wellness plans for employees.

The PAM Life platform enables true device-agnosticism, ensuring users are not locked into a single device, vendor or a few select brands to incorporate into their remote monitoring programs. Our platform supports hundreds of devices and thousands of data points which can also help to support remote care for chronic and post-acute conditions, from diabetes and hypertension to COPD and beyond.


PAM Life contains a wealth of media content stored within the platform which can be accessed by each and every user.

Content has been provided in partnership with award-winning specialists including: Instructor Live online fitness coaching and exercise videos for users to follow along at home. 


Change Your Thinking: A range of video courses teaching life skills that are based on the tried and trusted CBT approach, to aim to improve wellbeing and resilience as you go through the journey of life.



In a world where poor lifestyle choices are dramatically increasing healthcare costs, it’s more important than ever that employers have well-designed digital tools to encourage employees to effectively manage their physical health and wellbeing.



A customised branded platform is available for each organisation with the full PAM Life solution. This will allow content to be tailored to the wellness requirements of each client, with support in publishing and promoting their Wellness Strategy through a variety of channels to reach employees.

  • Boost your impact: PAM Life enables wellness leaders to scale their efforts, particularly when the workforce is spread across multiple locations.

  • Clubs and challenges: PAM Life’s clubs and challenges feature fosters a sense of community between coworkers as they participate in individual or coordinated activities. Performances can be displayed where encouragement and support can be offered by other members of the community, including the PAM Life wellness coaches.


  • Campaigns:​ A customised Corporate Dashboard and Community page is provided to allow clients to control the messaging and activities that they choose to promote to their workforce.


Attendance and Productivity

Provide your employees with a health and wellbeing solution that will nurture positive thinking to improve productivity in the workplace.



Corporate branding and content modifications to promote your wellbeing initiatives and support business objectives.


Specialist Advice and Programmes

Receive health and wellbeing advice from a range of specialists to develop your personal wellbeing programme, at the touch of a button.

Help your employees make positive lifestyle changes

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