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Drug and Alcohol Support Services

Employee Assistance Programme

Our EAP service PAM Assist is available to offer 24 hour advice, counselling and treatment for your employees through a confidential online and telephone-based support service


For more information about PAM Assist services, click here, or to speak to us please call 0845 643 6446.



Drug and alcohol policy advice

Our comprehensive advice service helps you develop a policy tailored to your specific requirements, our experienced clinicians and training teams provide drug and alcohol education and training packages to provide a broad understanding of your drug and alcohol policy, the testing process and issues surrounding the misuse of drugs and alcohol.


Successfully tackling drug misuse can benefit both your business and your employee, for example:

  • Saving on the cost of recruiting and training new employees to replace those who may have drug or alcohol issues

  • Reducing the cost of absenteeism or impaired productivity

  • Reducing the risk of accidents caused by impaired judgement

  • Enhancing the public perception of your organisation as a responsible employer

  • Complying with legislation and industry standards


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