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Wellness Solutions

The majority of most occupational health budgets will typically be spent on supporting the five to ten percent of the workforce who have declared health problems, e.g. management referrals, physiotherapy and counselling. However, this is not the whole picture. It is equally important (if not more so) to ensure that the other 90% of the workforce does not get forgotten.


Wellness is an investment in the health of the entire workforce – which is money well spent if it keeps them healthy and at work!

​Flexible Options
​​Our wellbeing advisors can work with you to design and deliver a tailored wellness solution focused on helping your colleagues make positive lifestyle choices, improve their wellbeing and reducing the risk of them developing health problems.  


Our solutions can be developed to suit your budget and includes a structured year-long strategy, tailored to tackle your specific health concerns.

Leading Online Solution
​PAM provides a market-leading online wellbeing programme, PAM Health Manager, a unique online platform designed to engage, motivate and support employees in leading healthy lifestyles.
The programme enables us to engage with your staff and help them set personal health and lifestyle goals that are right for them. The system can
also be personalised and branded to suit your organisation.
To find out more about Health Manager click here for a video tour.
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